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Secure Your Workplace With EaglAI Protect

The idea of health and safety being a regulatory necessity and workforce motivation and retention tool is not new. Still, it is becoming increasingly important in today's workplace. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to develop innovative solutions to help organisations comply with health and safety regulations while enhancing workplace safety and employee engagement. An AI-driven vision system focused on plant regulatory compliance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safe working practices, and overall workplace safety could be one such solution.

What is EaglAI Protect?

EaglAI Protect is a smart, AI-powered vision system for plant safety and regulatory compliance. It consists of a centralised database for video streams from CCTVs across the environment. The EaglAI Edge Device ingests video streams from a centralized database of CCTVs across the environment, where trained deep-learning AI neural networking algorithms process the videos. The processed results are then broadcasted to a customisable self-serve dashboard in real-time. This system can also integrate with various warning/alarm systems in order to minimise the potential damage to the organisation. It can also automatically alert the concerned authorities about a hazard as soon as it gets detected effectively reducing the response time for mitigation.

What are the constituents of EaglAI Protect?

Our AI-driven vision system is designed to monitor the use of PPE, ensure that employees follow safe working practices, and provide real-time feedback to employees and managers. Using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, the system automatically detects and recognises when employees are not wearing the required PPE or are not following safe working practices and issues alerts to remind them to comply with the regulations.

This system also helps ensure the overall safety and security of the organisation by detecting hazards such as fire, smoke and intruders. It can detect these hazards at their early stages which goes a long way in mitigation of such hazards. This would not only help organisations meet their regulatory requirements, but it would also promote a safer work environment.

You can leverage the utility of EaglAI Protect as it offers the following:

  • Early smoke and fire detection: Detecting fire or smoke at a very early stage of a break out to alert concerned personnel to take actions for prevention of the spread

  • Intruder detection: Detecting unauthorised personnel through intruder alerts displayed on dedicated dashboards

  • PPE compliance detection: Tracking and reporting of PPE non-compliance in the required shop floor and hazardous areas

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR): Detection and recognition of vehicular license plates for increased security and effective management in the premises.

  • Pose estimation: Identification and notification of ergonomically incorrect postures creating health hazards

Where Can You Use Protect?

AI systems like EaglAI Protect act as a motivation and retention tool for employees. By providing real-time feedback and recognition for safe working practices, the system helps promote a safety culture and motivates employees to adhere to safe working practices. It helps reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and improves employee engagement and retention.

Some examples of areas/settings where EaglAI Protect can be applied:

  • Residential areas/compounds

  • Parking lots

  • Toll gates

  • Commercial buildings

  • Corporate offices

  • Factory/Industrial setting

  • Storage/warehouse setting

  • Shipyards

  • Hospitals/Healthcare setting

  • Retail industry

  • Restaurants/Hospitality

  • Laboratories

  • Road/street surveillance environment, etc.

Overall, such an AI-driven vision system focused on plant regulatory compliance of PPE, safe working practices, and overall workplace safety has the potential to be a game-changer across industries. By providing real-time feedback, promoting a safety culture, and ensuring compliance with regulations, EaglAI can help improve workplace safety and employee engagement while also providing a competitive advantage for organisations.

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