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How AI can play a significant role in Automotive Manufacturing

Today’s automotive industry has become extremely competitive. An automotive manufacturer or OEM has to stay on top of the market trends in terms of aesthetics, sturdiness, safety, energy efficiency, lightweight comfort etc. The highest level of accuracy in the automotive body vehicle chassis as well as the parts and components that go within is, therefore, a must. Even Not only the slightest dimensional error in the automotive components or misalignment in on the automotive assembly but also any kind of surface defects such as scratches, dents, etc. line can render the entire batch rejected.

The automotive industry is also constantly looking for ways to speed up design, manufacturing, and assembly. However, rushing through the manufacturing process at the cost of accuracy is not an option.

So, what is the most suitable solution to speed up the manufacturing process and simultaneously maintain the accuracy and quality of automotive parts and components, in such a competitive market?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the answer.

Usage of AI-powered solutions can completely change the landscape of the automotive industry. Such innovative solutions increase the efficiency of the manufacturing processes, reduces human error, and improves overall product quality. As an automotive manufacturer or an OEM, you can deliver excellent products and user experience, by making the most of your data by not letting any defective product go through into the market or by analyzing the defective product & finding its root cause, thus correcting the defect causing parameter so that the defect in not produced in the first place.

An AI-based visual inspection system can fully support product designers and product development teams to design car models components that meet consumer expectations and have the edge over traditional run-of-the-mill method inspection systems because since AI based systems can continuously learn and adapt automotive to manufacturing defects, and simultaneously provide immaculate defect analytics as well as the correction data.

However, finding the right AI-powered solution to check out all the necessary parameters can be difficult. No worries! You can breathe easy, because we are here to help you achieve this.

We at Senquire have built EaglAI Detect, an AI-based visual inspection systems that are not only fast and reliable, but also constantly learn and adapt, and to top that off, they are also easy to use. Because of the ease of integration, one can configure EaglAI AI-based Visual Inspection System exactly to one’s needs.

EaglAI Detect provides an end-to-end solution. All our systems are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware, perfect for edge-computing, to provide you with accurate, zero-latency service. The power of our GPU-accelerated systems helps generate analyze real-time images to spot any visual or dimensional errors in the field of automotive design.

By choosing EaglAI Detect, you can ensure every minute detail in design and design standards for safety, aesthetics, and overall performance.

EaglAI Sample Detections

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