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Enhanced brand value with EaglAI Detect


Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried. They measure you on what you deliver

- Steve Jobs.


Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. No matter what business one is running, brand identity & goodwill is created by the quality of the product. Manufacturing is a vital operation in almost all the sectors and hence, the quality of the final product is crucial in the manufacturing sector. At present, traditional vision systems are prevalent in the manufacturing domain. However, Artificial Intelligence based systems are entering rapidly into this space given their robustness and reliability.

Maintaining high quality standards is an enormous challenge for large-scale industries due to the magnitude of their production. Errors in manual inspection due to mammoth product volumes are unavoidable.

Some of the major challenges for manual quality inspection are:

  1. Time-consuming and inefficient

  2. Prone to human error

  3. Skillset retention challenges

  4. Relying on random sampling checks rather than individual checks

  5. Training the entire workforce as per new product

  6. Cost of training at regular intervals as per changing standards

Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, helps in negating these issues by eliminating the involvement of humans at the ground level. Manufacturers measure this based on the metric Cost of Poor Quality or CoPQ. CoPQ is the hidden cost the manufacturer bears because of discarded or faulty products and incorrect inspection. Artificial Intelligence can drastically slash the CoPQ from the manufacturing process. The list of problems with manual inspection is never-ending as it has one very volatile component: the human component. But it is not the kind of quicksand one can’t get out of; AI-based quality inspection is here to save you from this volatile factor.

The EaglAI Edge Device: Enabling AI on the Manufacturing Line.

EaglAI Detect was born to improve the brand image of customers, automate and improve the Quality control process thus removing the ambiguity and uncertainty from manual inspection. EaglAI gives a ‘360-degree’ solution to the inspection problem which addresses the specific pain points of the customers process. We, at Senquire, did not limit ourselves to exclusively providing software solutions. We make and keep enhancing the ultimate product which blends the software and hardware elements. At the heart of the EaglAI system is the EaglAI Edge Device – our proprietary GPU driven device truly built for the rugged industrial environments. We keep this device plug-and-play so that it fits right into the standard power supply suitable for industrial applications. We have an in-built high-speed communication databus for complex & real-time responses. This is crucial for high volume, low latency applications required in fast-moving large-scale manufacturing units. Our pre-configured IO devices are remarkably versatile – different combinations and connections provide a multitude of solutions with automation equipment. Lastly, the design has been well thought through – it is a fanless, solid state design that is ruggedized for harsh industrial environments.

Automation is taking over the manufacturing industry like a tsunami and automation in inspection is the next big step you need to level up your manufacturing status. Negating the losses because of human error is the need of the hour for every manufacturing unit, no matter how big or small. EaglAI, with its power of AI working in sync with state-of-the-art hardware, promises you ‘Zero-Defect’ quality control like never before.

Load the trained AI model in EaglAI, set up the hardware as per your manufacturing unit, and forget about any inspection-related problems. All the assessment is done in real-time with the speed of review matching the speed of production, giving the manufacturer real-time updates. Once EaglAI is deployed on the manufacturing line, complete accountability for the product quality can be achieved. The product quality reports across production shifts and across production sites give the company management a transparent view of the ground situation. Thus, all the challenges of human errors vanish in thin air when artificial intelligence takes over the inspection process.

Artificial Intelligence driven automation in production is inevitable due to the demand in the market and market competition. EaglAI is just the beginning of this revolution of perfection. Senquire encourages you to fortify your business for the future by incorporating artificial intelligence in your manufacturing processes.

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