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Illuminating Future With Artificial Intelligence

A cutting edge, fully-integrated
AI-driven system consisting of

Bespoke hardware (Cameras & proximity sensors),

Proprietary Deep Learning Neural Networks and

Advanced analytics dashboards.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Defect-proofing Production through limitless capabilities of AI Integrated
Vision Inspection Systems -

Convergence of image acquisition hardware and Deep Learning Neural Networks and image analytics.

Core Features

Smart Dashboards


Customizable self-served dashboards to monitor performance and automate reporting

Flexible Deployment


Choose between an
On-Premise or Cloud Deployment of
EaglAI based on the user’s preference

Seamless Integration


Choose between an
On-Premise or Cloud Deployment of
EaglAI based on the user’s preference

Image Capture

Camera agnostic; wide range of cameras available depending on application& environment

No Code Model Training

Our smart annotation,
model selection and training tool,
EaglAI Train, enables user driven model development without any programming

Our Solutions

Abstract Background

EaglAI Detect is a Cutting-Edge,
AI-Powered Vision System for detection of defects and dimensional variations.

Technology: Image Processing and​

Deep Learning Neural Networks  ​

Applications: Manufacturing, Pharma,​

Electronics, Agriculture, FMCG, Textile, etc.

Wavy Abstract Background

EaglAI Edge is an Edge Stream Analytics​

solution using our proprietary​

AI-On-The Edge Processor​

Technology: Proprietary hardware and ML​
Models for predictive analytics on the Edge​

Applications: Automated lines, CNC / discrete machines, plant needing IoT enablement​

Wavy Circles

EaglAI Train is a versatile, automated and user friendly AI Model training software,featuring a ‘No-Code Model Training’ Environment


Technology: Deep Learning Neural Networks and containerized model training engine.​


Applications: Rapidly and iteratively train deep learning models in an efficient manner.

Wavy Abstract Background

EaglAI Protect is a Smart, AI Powered​

Vision System for Plant Safety and​

Regulatory Compliances​

Technology: Deep Learning Neural​

Networks With Object Detection​

Applications: Across multiple verticals​

such as manufacturing, medical,​

construction, marine, smart homes, etc.​

Our Solutions
Wavy Abstract Background

Ease of Integration

Fully-configurable system works with up to 4 different cameras to detect minute anomalies

of various objects irrespective of position & orientation.

Why EaglAI
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Our Partners

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