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Illuminating Future With Artificial Intelligence

A cutting edge, fully-integrated
AI-driven system consisting of

Bespoke hardware (Cameras & proximity sensors),

Proprietary Deep Learning Neural Networks and

Advanced analytics dashboards.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Defect-proofing Production through limitless capabilities of AI Integrated
Vision Inspection Systems -

Convergence of image acquisition hardware and Deep Learning Neural Networks and image analytics.

Core Features

Smart Analytics and Dashboards

Smart Dashboards


Customizable self-served dashboards to monitor performance and automate reporting

Flexible Scalable Quality Control System

Flexible Deployment


Choose between an
On-Premise or Cloud Deployment of
EaglAI based on the user’s preference

Automation Integration

Seamless Integration


Choose between an
On-Premise or Cloud Deployment of
EaglAI based on the user’s preference

Camera Based Quality Control

Image Capture

Camera agnostic; wide range of cameras available depending on application& environment

Machine Learning Machine Vision

No Code Model Training

Our smart annotation,
model selection and training tool,
EaglAI Train, enables user driven model development without any programming

Our Solutions

Abstract Background

EaglAI Detect is a Cutting-Edge,
AI-Powered Vision System for detection of defects and dimensional variations.

Technology: Image Processing and​

Deep Learning Neural Networks  ​

Applications: Manufacturing, Pharma,​

Electronics, Agriculture, FMCG, Textile, etc.

Wavy Abstract Background

EaglAI Edge is an Edge Stream Analytics​

solution using our proprietary​

AI-On-The Edge Processor​

Technology: Proprietary hardware and ML​
Models for predictive analytics on the Edge​

Applications: Automated lines, CNC / discrete machines, plant needing IoT enablement​

Wavy Circles

EaglAI Train is a versatile, automated and user friendly AI Model training software,featuring a ‘No-Code Model Training’ Environment


Technology: Deep Learning Neural Networks and containerized model training engine.​


Applications: Rapidly and iteratively train deep learning models in an efficient manner.

Wavy Abstract Background

EaglAI Protect is a Smart, AI Powered​

Vision System for Plant Safety and​

Regulatory Compliances​

Technology: Deep Learning Neural​

Networks With Object Detection​

Applications: Across multiple verticals​

such as manufacturing, medical,​

construction, marine, smart homes, etc.​

Our Solutions
Wavy Abstract Background

Ease of Integration

Fully-configurable system works with up to 4 different cameras to detect minute anomalies

of various objects irrespective of position & orientation.

Why EaglAI
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Our Partners

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