Cameras of Machine Vision System

The New Enabler of Quality.

A cutting edge, fully-integrated
AI-driven system consisting of

Bespoke hardware (Cameras & proximity sensors),

Proprietary Deep Learning Neural Networks and

Advanced analytics dashboards.

Continouous Learning AI Models

Core Features

Defect-proofing Production through limitless capabilities of AI Integrated
Vision Inspection Systems -

Convergence of image acquisition hardware and

Deep Learning Neural Networks and image analytics.

Image Capture

Camera agnostic; wide
range of cameras available
depending on application
& environment

Flexible Deployment

Choose between an
On-Premise or Cloud
Deployment of EaglAI
based on the user’s preference

Smart Dashboards

Customizable self-serve
to monitor
performance and
automate reporting

  No Code Model Training

Our smart annotation,
model selection and training tool, EaglAI Train, enables user driven model development without
any programming

Seamless Integration

Can be easily integrated
with existing Line MES
or automation systems
through a 24 Volt output signal

AI Deep Learning Neural Networks

High Speed

Eliminate trade-offs in quality control in high speed environments with real-time, consistent quality control and complete accuracy even at 20+FPS (Frames Per Second)

Ease of Integration

Fully-configurable system works with up to 4 different cameras to detect minute anomalies

of various objects irrespective of position & orientation.

Continuous Learning

Variations in products are constantly added to reference/library without human intervention.

Complete Visibility

Complete visibility of automated processes, through a simple User Interface.

Accurate Fault Assessment

Deep Learning Neural Networks develop logical reasoning capabilities by self programming. Eliminates need for additional processes.


Complete reliability in fault detection, through consistency not possible in traditional systems. Amplifies confidence in product quality and life cycle.


Key Value Proposition

Creating True Value

In Manufacturing

AI Camera Based Visual Inspection

Resin Impregnation Defect Detection

The Resin Impregnation process is used to get rid of the porosity and blow holes

(Caused by air bubbles) in Aluminium Die Cast parts.

The client receives cast metal parts from other companies.


• White and yellow rust on the metal

• Black residue

• Defects in the metal object itself, such as dents, caused by transport or handling

Currently parts are checked manually but this is not a 100% fool-proof process.

With EaglAI, we are able to create a master defect database and use

our proprietary algorithms based on Deep Learning and Artificial Neural

Networks to fully automate the inspection process


Use Cases



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